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Are you suddenly craving Spanish wines but tired of making the same redundant choices? Many wine enthusiasts settle into the routine of making the same predictable wine picks and look for ways to excite their tasting experience. If this is you, your’re in luck!  In this blog I will give you a quick introduction to Cepa 21 wines so you can incorporate it to your wine list and open yourself up to a new experience.

Monday night I was invited to taste the Cepa 21 wines that I will list below. The wine dinner was in Coya, a wonderful restaurant of South American cuisine, located in Miami. But, before we get into discussing the wines I want to give you a brief background on the brand.

Cepa 21 was founded by the third generation of the Moro family (who also owns Emilio Moro). It is located in Castrillo de Duero, a village within Ribera del Duero, that has the highest altitude in Spain. Cepa 21 has the coldest terroir in Ribera del Duero and represents the modern mentality of the 21st century in winemaking, while respecting tradition.

“This new wine, Cepa 21, is aimed at consumers who have the expertise and open-mindedness to discover new tasting characteristics and who also appreciate the subtlety and elegance of a wine that is soft and sweet on the palate with bold aromatics.

Cepa 21 is the pure expression of the wine-making revolution that has been taking place in our country over the last years.” –

Click on the video above to hear Jose Moro ( winemaker of Cepa 21 and Emilio Moro) talk about the brand’s balance of tradition, innovation, and social responsibility in the wine making process.




100% Tinto Fino.

The dinner started with Hito Rosado 2016. It has a beautiful color that grabbed my attention. It expresses aromas of red fruit (strawberry, raspberry, cherry) and a touch of flowers. Very fresh but at the same time it shows personality for being a rosé which was a nice surprise. Delicious after taste that will be popular for the hot weather. So don’t forget to include it in your Spring/Summer wine list!

P.S. Paired perfectly with the Peruvian ceviche in the dinner.


HITO 2015

100% Tinto Fino. Aged 8 months in French oak barrels.

Nice cherry color with beautiful nose that express red and black fruit; such as cherries, strawberry, blackcurrant, and spices. Complex wine, that shows blackcurrant, licorice, meaty, and leather. Good tannin and acidity that gives you a long finish.


CEPA 21 2015


100% Tinto Fino. 12 months in French oak barrels.

This aromatic red expresses excellent quality of fruit, such as cherry, strawberry, candied black fruit, berries, licorice, and plum. Complex on the palate with great tannin and acidity. Delicious long finish.  You can enjoy it now but some of you may want to wait a few years to experience its full expression.

For those of you foodies, if you are in the mood for Peruvian food you can’t go wrong pairing it with a great Anticucho or Lomo Saltado. Salud! Enjoy!

P.S. Click on the video to hear about Jose Moro’s love for this wine.



This was the last wine in the dinner. The variety is a 100% Tinto Fino, and for those of you who are not familiar with it, Tinto Fino is a clone of Tempranillo located in Ribera del Duero. Also, Tinto Fino tends to be more thick-skinned than Tempranillo, making the wines darker in color and more powerful. On a side note, Malabrigo 2011 comes from a single vineyard and remained 18 months in French oak barrels.

This wine really grabbed my attention due to its aromas and palate. It shows a deep expression of black fruit, plum, licorice, cassis, spice notes, leather, and a touch of balsamic. On the palate, powerful wine that shows dark fruit with great tannin and acidity. It has a long finish that will give you a unique experience.

P.S. Small production


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